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Discover the wholeness within each of us.

Designed Wisdom is the sole consultancy of M. Frances Baldwin, Ed.D, a human relations specialist, educator and gestalt coach. Her passion is to bring help others understand the whole nature of their place in their relationships, careers, and communities. Frances has helped the NTL Institute, the Exxon Corporation, and even the US Navy.

Now she wants to help you.

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Designed Wisdom

Gestalt Coaching Services

Gestalt coaching is an experiential, creative, and client-focused process occurring organically in the relationship between coach and client.


The focus of my coaching grows out of the initial concerns and goals of the client and is designed to be relevant and useful within the context in which you work and live. My intent in helping you to create new lens for examining these initial needs is that in partnership we seed your growth as a whole person; developing a unique creative process to use your knowledge, talent, your spirit and ultimately, your presence to face future challenges and opportunities from a place of grounded awareness and wise choice; do your best work and live your best life.

Meet Frances.

M. Frances Baldwin, Ed.D 

Frances has been an educator and OD consultant for over 50 years. After working internally in myriad complex systems, she started her own solo consulting firm, Designed Wisdom.

In her consulting work which includes international companies, she fosters democratic environments that promote learning. As an educator and consultant, Frances has been a key figure for the NTL Institute and the Gestalt Institute of Organization and Systems Development.


Frances is a lifelong learner and sees herself as a coach who helps “others discover, access and transcend the wholeness that is already inside each of us.”

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to a healthier,
more compassionate world.

Contributing to a healthier, more compassionate world of higher consciousness through the principles of Gestalt Theory and Values.

Coaching each client toward becoming wholeheartedly the person(s) you choose to be FOR the world; as you walk with dignity, competence, and resilience IN the world.


Through my 50 years of experience, I continuously learn new and practical use of Gestalt principles; each time a client expresses satisfaction and/joy in collaborating with me.

“She has been coaching my co-leader and me for over a year now, and I know that we are getting something more than her Organization Development Lifetime Achievement Award brain. When we work with Frances, we get the fullness of who she is, and it makes us take different and more effective action."

Co-CEO, systems change strategy consulting firm

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M. Frances Baldwin, Ed.D

Designed Wisdom



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