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Discover the wholeness within each of us.

M. Frances Baldwin, Ed.D., CPCC, welcomes you to the home of Designed Wisdom, a boutique consulting firm licensed in the State of Georgia since 1994. As Principal Consultant, Frances is driven by a passion for helping people shed the ways we tend to stop ourselves and find the buoyancy within to become more of who we choose to be in the world and for the world. “Anything less is living half-heartedly.”


Fueled by a wealth of knowledge, a compelling presence, and use of self, Frances is widely recognized in the areas of organization development, leadership and change for her consistent successful coaching in small and large systems, globally. Through her Gestalt grounding she now brings the wisdom of her years to helping you in whatever your endeavor, starting right where you are. 

Experienced black female gestalt coach Frances Baldwin poses in front of vertical banner for the 2010 G20 Summit in Seoul, South Korea, where she was a speaker.

Designed Wisdom

Gestalt Coaching Services

Gestalt coaching is an experiential, creative, and client-focused process occurring organically in the relationship between coach and client. Coaching is neither therapy nor consulting. Together we create an effective mentor-coaching relationship and learning environment that encourages ingenuity and experimentation. Learning to let go of that which no longer serves well, while, revitalizing aspirations, designing, inviting, and testing fresh approaches to being you.


The focus of coaching is rooted in your initial concerns and goals, learning what is relevant and useful within the reality in which you work and live. My intent is helping you to craft new lenses for examining your needs, patterns, and opportunities, by seeding your thinking with generative and reliable concepts and practices. Our shared goal is your capacity to use your knowledge, talent, your spirit, and your presence to face future opportunities and challenges; mountains and valleys, from a place of grounded awareness accessing wise choices; ensuring that “effectiveness” is accompanied by joy.

Meet Frances.

M. Frances Baldwin, Ed.D 

Frances is an experienced and trusted executive coach, certified by the Gestalt Center for Organization Development and Change. As a consultant and coach, she has contributed to the development of resilient, responsive, and agile leadership from assignments in city government and large petrochemical companies, living and working internationally. She retired in 1994 after 13 years as a senior organization development specialist and manager of executive education at Exxon Oil, Gas and Chemical companies and launched Designed Wisdom Consulting. Drawing wisdom from her 48 years of experience, a perpetual learner, Frances understands the consequences that advanced technologies and a dynamic, global world economy/market impose on leadership challenges from the C-suite to the plant floor, and the significant middle where strategy and vision become actions taken on key decisions.

One of Frances’ primary interests is helping women recognize the value of leading their lives, beginning with work from within. 


Her highly acclaimed consulting and coaching under the Designed Wisdom logo has attracted clients from nuclear energy, civic engagement, aerospace, postal services, government, interfaith religion, women’s leadership, and national education.

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Experienced black female coach Frances Baldwin poses in front of a screen for her presentation for the American Thyroid Association's Strategic Action Planning
to a healthier,
more compassionate world.

Contributing to a healthier, more compassionate world of higher consciousness through the principles of Gestalt Theory and Values.

Coaching each client toward becoming wholeheartedly the person(s) you choose to be FOR the world; as you walk with dignity, competence, and resilience IN the world.

Mission Statement


Through my 50 years of experience, I continuously learn new and practical use of Gestalt principles; each time a client expresses satisfaction and/joy in collaborating with me.

“She has been coaching my co-leader and me for over a year now, and I know that we are getting something more than her Organization Development Lifetime Achievement Award brain. When we work with Frances, we get the fullness of who she is, and it makes us take different and more effective action."

Co-CEO, systems change strategy consulting firm

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M. Frances Baldwin, Ed.D

Designed Wisdom



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