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It is often stated that the skillful application of a Gestalt approach creates a robust and almost magical process for learning and change. I believe that together we can demystify that magic and make it work on your behalf. 

Individual Coaching

Frances meets with you to provide her unique brand of gestalt coaching and bespoke wisdom. Standard plan includes four sessions via zoom.

Flat, 2-D Illustration of a man talking. He is dressed to play tennis and holding a tennis racquet. He is facing left.

Team Coaching

Frances engages with a whole team to provide her unique gestalt coaching with a collaborative focus. Standard plan includes four sessions via zoom. 

Flat 2-D illustration of man and woman side by side talking and facing left. They are dressed to play tennis and are holding racquets.

Bookings approved manually.


Please contact to set up your first meeting with Frances! Questions are welcome.

Payments accepted via Zelle, direct transfer or mailed check.

All sales final. No refunds.

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